FPV C.R.A.P. Box (noun.) - "Curated (yet) Random Assortment (of) Products"

The First C.R.A.P box was sent out in November 2018. You order the box each month and if you dont like the content you can simply return it which is a great feature.

Each month has a theme, so you get an idea of what you are going to get. One month this included all the parts you need to for a Brushless Tinywhoop.

As with other boxes, i am collecting the data each month looking at the coolness, usefulness and value for money pound for pound.


C.R.A.P 1

“Flashy 5 inch”


C.R.A.P 2

“It's winter... Whoop!”


C.R.A.P 3

“Flashy 5 inch”