Banggood Build

The Banggood Build, or the “Decent Beginners Build” was my attempt to prove you could order all legitimate parts for a mini quad from Banggood. It was also aimed to be simple and easy to build.

There was sum debate if the GEP-KHX6 is a Clone however I have yet to see a frame that has all the same features in one frame. For me is the baby of a Ummagawd Remix and a Armattan Rooster.

I went with 6 inch arms to allow for a long range setup and also added an frsky R8 Module however fail safe issues have led to me removing it.

Overall this is a great quad, it fly really smooth and has plenty of punch with the right props.



Frame GEPRC GEP-KHX6 Buy here

Motors T-motor F40 PRO II 2150KV  Buy here

Flight Controller & ESC Holybro Kakute F4 V2 Flight Controller Tekko32 35A 4 In 1 Buy here

Video Transmitter Matek 5.8G VTX-HV Buy here

Video antenna GEPRC GEP-Pagoda2 5.8G  Buy here

Camera Foxeer Predator V2 Standard 1.8mm Buy Here

Receiver Frsky XM+ Buy Here