What is Paul Rose FPV

Paul Rose FPV is a YouTube channel that focuses on the wonderful world of FPV miniquad and all the things it links to an contains. The channel is aimed at new pilots and people who are learning all about this complex world for FPV and MiniQuads. The Content is aimed to be relatable and useful.

Mostly the content is reviews, builds and guides.

So what is FPV?

FPV is taking a quadcopter, putting a small security camera on the front, adding a transmitter and then you have a set of goggle that receives the video feed while you fly.

 It just like flying like an eagle…. If that eagle is traveling at 90mph…… and it on fire. That would pretty much some it up.

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About Me

I am a UK based Drone/Quadcopter reviewer, looking at real world testing. I am just an Average Joe who enjoys creating content and sharing my knowledge, Enjoyment and Failures.